Door Access

In today’s technology driven world, door access control systems have become an essential component of business security. In fact, there is no better alternative to secure your premises as access controlled systems have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Starting from an electronic keypad that secures a single door to a comprehensive network of multiple rooms and floors, they provide remote access to only authorized personnel. All while keeping a log of all uses and entries through every point of access.

With standard door locks, it's very possible for keys or single codes to be shared, making it difficult in pinpointing when any wrongdoing has occurred. With door access control systems, it's completely possible to give every authorized person a different code or electronic key. Any time a door is opened, a log is created with who exactly entered or exited the area. Keeping track of who enters certain areas is crucial in determining truth in various claims against your organization or just keeping track of employee habits.

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