2GIG Technologies

2GIG, yaDIG?

Recently, we received a call inquiring about 2GIG equipment and cameras.

We unfortunately do not carry 2GIG equipment 🙁 We tried to explain that we are a surveillance company and that 2GIG specializes in alarm systems; he was distraught that we did not carry this great equipment and this saddened us immensely!

So we took it upon ourselves to look more in depth into 2GIG systems. They have been winning awards for their equipment since they were founded in 2007. They have been making great impacts in the alarm security and home automation world, no wonder they are one of the fastest growing companies; growing 1,426% in 3 years (2009-2012)!
Article from Utah Valley Business

So naturally, we got interested! What sets them apart from other alarm systems is their near complete wireless technology. All alarm sensors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, doorbells, window contacts, etc. are all wireless! This eliminates any risk that a burglar can come cut the wires connecting it to the control panel. This also makes it much easier to access your entire home from your smartphone!

Alas, we are only serving up the latest and greatest technologies in the world of surveillance. Once we grow and can offer alarm systems, Sentinel will definitely be looking into 2GIG systems!

But they DO offer an HD camera as part of their product line!
2GIG HD100 Camera
Not much variety, but it is a great camera for basic surveillance needs. It needs to be connected to the 2GIG system and monitored by Alarm.com, so even if we wanted to help our recent caller with a 2GIG camera, there would be no way for us to make it work for them.

To our dear friend:
We're sorry we couldn't help connect a 2GIG system in your home but we do thank you for shedding some light on a cool new system we will hopefully try to carry in the future!

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